Monday, August 31, 2009

Eri Saito

Ikebana art installation by Eri Saito:
"...we can call Ikebana not only as a message from flowers but as an art of collaboration with the audience. Its moist and affluent world is indispensable in expressing the modern product design..."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Design Virus

Light Blubs - special editions - by Pieke Bergmans from Design Virus, Amsterdam!
We like these artistic pieces and also the way thy look in this raw ambience they're sited.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Domestic + La Corbeille Editions

...and life is lighter...
Domestic scenarios with:
- above - Bibliothéque Mikado by Compagnie and Table Sangle + Lampe Cone by Jocelyn Deris - La Corbeille Editions.
- under - beech bookcase by Jocelyn Deris and on the ground Tapis molécules by Urbanoid. La Corbeille Editions.
Light Cage (we expecially like as standing model) by Jocelyn Deris - La Corbeille Editions.
La Maisonette, felt slippers sold flat, 3 sizes. By Studio LO - La Corbeille Editions.
L'abatladeur by 5.5 Designers - La Corbeille Editions

L'abatladeur hanged on Le porte-cintre. On the back la lampe branchée multiplug. Everything by 5.5 designers - La Corbeille Editions.

Cloison Etcetera, Miroir en herbe and plats Gamme Ombres by Compagnie.


La Corbeille Editions:


Zona Tortona - cortile


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