Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nicole Tomazi, Fractal Collection

Brazilian designer Nicole Tomazi has launched her new collection called Fractal at last Salone Satellite in Milan. Armchair, table and shelving system were developed by the study of fractal geometry. A creative meeting between design, mathematics and nature.        

La designer brasiliana Nicole Tomazi ha lanciato la sua nuova collezione intitolata Fractal all'ultimo Salone Satellite di Milano.  Poltrona, tavolo e scaffalature derivano la loro forma dallo studio della geometria frattale. Un incontro creativo tra design, matematica e natura.                           

Dashboard: Petit Pois turquoise

Petit Pois turquoise

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trehaus - NZ

the Check stool
Run by Michelle Lee Huertas, Trēhaus is a sustainable furniture company based in Ruawai - New Zealand. Trēhaus is based on the principles of slow design and environmentally, socially and financially sustainable products which enhance spaces with simplicity and texture.

"We don’t believe sustainability is a fad. Being green isn’t a claim to fame – it’s just responsible."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jiyoon Kim, Twist Wall Panels

The Twist Wall Panels - by Jiyoon Kim - was between projects selected from Melbourne Movement for exhibited at Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2012.
'The Twist Wall Panels are acoustic wall panels derived from the folding patterns of three-dimensional square twist tessellation origami. Up to five units are assembled in any configuration to create an interactive moving module and different modules are arranged to create patterns on the wall.­
The units are attached together in such a way that when the user transforms one unit, it triggers a transition in all the units that are connected to it. The Twist Wall Panels are hand made from recyclable materials. Korean traditional rice paper, Han-Ji, was used to utilize its resilience and beautiful texture, and Echo Panels used as the base for sound absorption quality. The white paper was hand dyed with natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, and the vibrant yet unique colours are used to set the desired mood.­
Mechanisms that allow the inter-connected modules to effect each other’s movements, was inspired from the door handle locking system. Simple stud clips are used as a form of joinery between the edges of the mechanisms in each units, allowing the push and pull system to create the transitions in different units. '

White roses of May

This year, spring is late in Florence. These are the first roses of the year in my garden.
They say we're not out of cold weather yet, but I don't blame 'cause I love winter:-)
Quest'anno la primavera è in ritardo a Firenze. Queste sono le prime rose del mio giardino. Dicono che le temperature si devono ancora riabbassare! Ma non mi lamento perchè amo il freddo:-)

Monday, May 28, 2012

SD - bedroom - 1

Main bedroom 1

Study for SD bedroom

SD - bedroom - 2

SD - bedroom - 2
Study for SD bedroom....

New socks

I'm so proud of my new socks, I need to share it:-)
I found them last weekend in a shop for men, they're pure cotton, purple + brown + only a little of pink.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Peter J. Pless Design - Milano 2012

Link series
"In order to achieve an object that is truly sustainable, social and personal values need to be embedded as an active component within the artifact. These filters listed, suggest a new paradigm of interaction and overall integrity that can be achieved. " PJP.
The LINK Series offers many configurations in order to adapt to any interior space. The concept for this series derives from the observation of the flexibility and modularity of mechanical components such as chains and cable carriers.
The flexible modules articulate amongst each other in different ways and can easily be added or removed. The pieces are elegant and really practical!
La LINK Series offre diverse soluzioni adattandosi a qualsiasi spazio. Il concetto alla base dell'idea deriva dall'osservazione della flessibilità e modularità degli elementi meccanici quali le catene delle biciclette.
I moduli si articolano tra loro in modi diversi e possono facilmente essere aggiunti o rimossi. Gli elementi sono allo stesso tempo eleganti e molto pratici!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

S Magazine - 3 - Less

S Magazine is born after the project Simplesmente Branco. The magazine is about the art of perfect hosting, the pleasure of sharing ideas and working together,
using creativity. The third issu follow the theme “less”. Why? Because less “can reflect on a world of possibilities, fresh points of view about the same
subjects, more creative life and work styles. Less is not little, nor is it poor, bare, reduced or homemade by amateurs. It’s intelligent, brilliant, restrained and made by professionals, and that is why it’s so great!” Free on Issuu!
S Magazine è nato dal progetto Simplesmente Branco. La rivista parla dell'arte del ricevere, del piacere di condividere progetti e lavorare insieme,
usando la creatività. Il terzo numero ha per titolo e tema “meno”. Perchè? Perchè meno “può anche riflettere un mondo di possibilità, nuovi punti di vista sullo stesso soggetto, stili di vita e di lavoro più creativi. Meno non è piccolo, e nemmeno poveroreduced or homemade by amateurs. It’s intelligent, brilliant, restrained and made by professionals, and that is why it’s so great!” Free on Issuu!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Studio Vit - Marble lights + 11 boxes

Studio vit has presented their second collection, Marble lights, at Salone Satellite inside Milan Furniture Fair 2012. Marble lights is a collection in marble and glass. "Originating from an archetypal bulb and socket, it consists of glass spheres and cylindrical marble lamp holders in various sizes which can be freely combined.
Marble lights includes table, floor and pendant lights, as well as three floor weights which can be used as counterweights to the suspended lights. The aim of the collection is to create a product that is simple yet refined and generates a juxtaposition of volumes, materials and weights."
Under, a previous project, 11 boxes, a playful and changeable collection of boxes, each one distinguished by its shape and structural elements. "The boxes can be used on their own or grouped together, to form infinite unique compositions depending on the situation, available space and storage needs. Made from solid maple, each unit is equally finished on all sides and thus can be positioned anywhere in a room."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gaelle Boissonnard - illustrations

When I was in the south of France last summer I bought twenty and more beautiful cards of the French illustrator Gaëlle Boissonnard. I love her work and I filled a photo album with them!
You can see her work in her blog and in her website.

La scorsa estate, quando ero in Francia, ho comprato diverse cartoline disegnate dall'illustratrice francese Gaëlle Boissonnard. Mi piace così tanto il suo lavoro che ho riempito un album per foto attaccandole!
Potete vedere altri suoi disegni sul suo blog e sul suo sito.

Monday, May 21, 2012

PrettyPegs, restyle your furniture

Replace your furniture legs with a set of customized Prettypegs and add some colour and playful elegance to the room.
A set of Prettypegs simply adds colour, elegance and character to your furniture from brands like IKEA. And just like a new pair of shoes, they complete the look.
All Prettypegs are made from solid ash wood and are produced in Sweden in line with Scandinavian design heritage. They are shipped all over the world.

Sostituite le gambe dei vostri mobili con un set di Prettypegs per personalizzarli.
Le gambe Prettypegs, pensate specialmente per i mobili IKEA,  aggiungono colore, eleganza e personalità . Come un paio di scarpe nuove, completano un look.
Tutti i prodotti Prettypegs sono fatti da solido legno di frassino e sono prodotti in Svezia in linea con il design scandinavo. Si ordinano online e sono consegnate ovunque.

Rollin' rollin' by Design Soil

Do you have a sweater that you love but you can't wear anymore? Unweaving it and winding the wool n the big reel, it turns into a soft and comfortable seat. The rollin' rollin' stool by Hiromi Manabe is part of the epilogue prologue  collection produced inside Design Soil project of Kobe Design University. The aim of the collection is giving another purpose to thing usually thrown away.

Avete un maglione a cui siete affezionati ma che non vi sta più? Se lo disfate riavvolgendo il filo per mezzo della manovella dell'oggetto in legno creato da Hiromi Manabe , questo si trasformerà in uno sgabello soffice e confortevole.  Lo sgabello rollin' rollin' fa parte della collezione epilogue prologue  prodotta all'interno del progetto Design Soil della Kobe Design University. Scopo alla base della collezione, è dare una seconda vita agli oggetti comuni.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Luca Boscardin - Kidsonroof

Houses, mountains, skyscrapers, trees and roads. Coloured pieces that you can build into everchanging landscapes. There are no rules: houses can be built over houses, trees over skyscrapers, and roads can go up vertically or run all around you.
Archiville is a city to build, a world that needs to be constantly invented.
Graphic and illustration coincide with patterns, and these patterns define different kind of buildings. Archiville is designed by Luca Boscardin, Italian illustrator and graphic designer living in Amsterdam, and producted by Kidsonroof.
It is made by recycled cardboard.
The Totem Book of Animals, Luca Boscardin for Kidsonroof

The Totem Book of Animals, Luca Boscardin for Kidsonroof


Kidsonroof  - dutch design for creative and playful kids and grown-ups! - was established in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin. Together with their 3 kids and their little friends they manage a permanent testlab where new ideas keep coming up. Kidsonroof offers an ecological approach to the act of playing, rediscovering basic values, stimulating creativity and imagination.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Greyge, new Italian design

Greyge is a new design brand from Rome inspired by passion for visual lightness.
Greyge pays much attention to the choice of materials and to the design of details: every line and angle has a tangible relevance. Their elegant, original designs can be considered between contemporary classics. Every piece is manufactured by hand in Italy and can be ordered in different versions: woods used are walnut, mahogany, okumé while laminate or lacquered finishes are provided in a range of pastel colors.

Ibsen chair
Ted table
Calla lamp
Greyge è un nuovo marchio italiano ispirato dalla passione per una estetica 'leggera'.
Greyge presta estrema attenzione alla scelta dei materiali e allo studio dei dettagli: ogni linea e ogni angolo hanno una rilevanza tangibile. Il loro design elegante e originale può essere considerato tra i nuovi classici contemporanei. Ogni pezzo è fatto a mano in Italia e può essere scelto tra diverse versioni: i legni usati sono noce, mogano, okumé mentre le finiture laminate o laccate sono fornite in una serie di diversi colori pastello.


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