Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Closing year! | My faves of 2014

Now is that time of year when we reflect on everything that’s happened the past 363-4-5 days and we make extraordinary resolutions for the next year arriving (the one when I'll get rich and famous). I want to say that i’m so grateful for everyone of you who visited this blog. THANK you! This is the year when I could go back to photography - I finally decided to buy a simple basic reflex and everything changed. Now I realize how much I was missing it.  Anyway, ...even if I'm a few words person..., I hope I could say something with my photos (maybe you're thinking it was better without photos and even without words) and I hope I could bring a little of inspiration to your day with my posts. 

Here’s some of the photos/posts I enjoyed most making this year…

the still-life with the biscuits roses de Reims - find more here

the Maple Wallpaper -free - find more here

Walking in Milano during the Design week - find more here

My Something Frilly things - find more here

Visiting the Mont Blanc and the Haute Savoie last summer - find more here

The easy book rack project - find more here

My little italian weekends - find more here (..and Florence, my city, too!)

...and the 2015 calendar - free - find it here

l. lau

Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday DIY | Waiting the New Year

Dear friends, how was your Christmas? Mine was hygge, at home, warm, simple, comfortable, as I like it. This was my 14th Christmas with Lizzy - I'm so grateful for this! I found some beautiful ideas to make these days last longer like doing a winter potpourry, planting bulbs or  preparing a past year time capsule  + some diy to celebrate the new year coming.
UP01 + 02: Studio Frey 2015 Cards free printable | 03: Warm drinks Vol. Vanilla Cider recipe04Fortune cookies recipe | 05New Year's Resolution Party Hats.
AFTER, 06Roasted Spiced Orange Potpourri | 07New Year's Eve Favor + iPhone Wallpaper - free | 08Planting Hyacints | 09Free printable NYE favor box | 10Golden glitter star cake toppers | 11New Year’s Eve Confetti Poppers.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas 2014 Playlist | 15

I prepared a playlist of my preferred Christmas music on youtube.  I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas!
l. laura

Listen here!

My Christmas on Instagram

See MORE here!

Christmas Lights in Florence | Italy

I went to see Christmas lights in the centre of Firenze, yesterday

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas Vegetarian Table - Recipes and Diy | 14

Free Printable and Ideas for Christmas Gift Wrap | 13

Up, 01: Free Printable Holiday Cards by Jasmine Dowling | 02: Free Printable “Let It Snow” Gift Boxes + Tags by Studio Diy03: Free Printable gourmand de Noël by Impressionne Nous | 04: Handmade Holiday Paper Snowflake Garland by Artbar blog | 05: DIY Printable little gift box by Lovely Indeed |

UP, 06: Diy Japanese wrapping by Heju | 07, 08: Free Printable Giant Word Art Gift Wrap + Snowflake Gift Wrapping Ideas  by Confetti Sunshine | 09: Free printable wrapping paper (more patterns) in black'n white by Me in Lila Park | 10: Trees Gift Wrap Free Download by Design Claud

11Free Downloads – Baba Wrapping Paper by Baba Souk | 12Free printable damask scrapbooking paper by Me in Lila Park

Free Printables Tags in the previous post here.

ps, lovely suggestions:
How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party with Free Printables by Confetti Sunshine and the
Vegetarian Ventures Gift Guide

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags | 12

Free Printable Holiday gift tags - all new - designed and shared by
01: Maiko Nagao | 02: Almost makes perfect | 03: Jasmine Dowling | 04: Confetti Sunshine | 05: The Lovely Drawer | 06: Persia Lou | 07: Fine Little Paper | 08We Lived Happily Ever After

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas good energy | Secret Santa

This Christmas I wish you all  (...ok,) we all could spread good energy around. I just read the story of Secret Santa here - there is also a pdf version for kids (ready to be printed and colored)....

"Larry Dean Stewart 1948 – 2007 was the creator and original Secret Santa. Through his personal example over a twenty year period, he demonstrated and defined the role and mission of Secret Santa.
"Secret Santa's" random acts of kindness over the years had an impact on people throughout the world who either were beneficiaries or who read in media reports his random acts of kindness and giving; especially three months before his death in January 2007 when his personal identity was made public." more

Here and here two last-minute nice inspiring stories to read!
See you next week with Christmas lunch and smart gift wrapping ideas:)

Quotes 01 - 02 - Via my Words board

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Moodboard | 09

01: Green Glass balls from Zetas | 02: Decors by Annika Persson | 03: Elma de Jonge for Studio Stationery | 04: DIY salt dough ornaments by Mitzy at Home

DIY Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make | 08

01: Free downloadable poster 'Zwarte Piet' | 02: Geometric snowman tutorial |03: Fluffy Julepynt - (only colors inspiration) | 04: Mobile tutorial | 05: Animal Jumpers Cross Stitch Cards printables

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Moodboard | 06

01: Via Vivian Hoebe - April and May | 02: Via Stay Positive | 03: DIY chipboard flags tags via Besotted Blog | 04: DIY paper mini-trees via Marie Claire Idees.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Studio Snowpuppe | LIVE

Studio Snowpuppe - Nellianna + Kenneth - is an independent design studio making beautiful origami paper lamps by hand and small production. I love their creations and their Instagram make me feel like I'm taking part to the production, too (dream, dream, dream....).

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hannah Lemholt | Works

Love, love, love the work of Hannah Lemholt, Swedish photographer and love warrior (with Sara N. Bergman, Yvonne Arentoft and Per Sandhal). See more on her blog here.
01 + 02 + 03:  Love Warriors photo art calendar | 04 + 05: LookBook Moonchild.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Rainbow Christmas DIY and Decoration | 04

01: Inside Out Magazine - November issue sneak peek via Poppy Talk | 02: DIY modern paper-tree garland via Julep |

03: DIY Giant Fringe Ornament via Paper and Stitch | 04: DIY geometric forest holiday decor via Lovely Indeed |

0: DIY different paper stars tutorial via Desch Danja | 0: DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree idea via Sugar and Cloth .


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