Monday, February 21, 2011

Bio Fireplaces with ethanol.

Tulip by Bio Fireplace
Tulip by Bio Fireplace

Cinema by Bio Fireplace
'Biò fireplace do not require any installation or additional utility connection for fuel supply, which makes it easier to install the fireplace. The attention to safety and the envinronment is paramount for Biò and this is why the burner is fuelled with an environmentally friendly & renewable product (Denatured Ethanol). Morover the burner as the all Biò fireplace are almost maintenance free.' Easy to place and a very modern design. In the shots above, models by Biò fireplace seen in via Tortona, Milano. In the following photo, a design by Antonio Lupi.
"Il canto del fuoco" collection by Antonio Lupi

Friday, February 18, 2011

Norma by Sebastian Herkner for Verreum

Norma Collection by Sebastian Herkner for Czech company Verreum

The conceptual idea of Norma is based on the character and materiality of Christmas baubles. They are made of thin, blown glass which is color coated with silver inside.
Bowl, vase and candle holder of Norma are made of silvered glass.
The initial point of the design was to create an aura for each accessory itself. The aura frames the flowers of the vase as well the fruits in the bowl. The reflections of shape and object meld and highlight them.
Norma is a double-walled glassware with a silver coating inside the walls. Verreum has their own recipe for the manufacturing, which is a closely guarded secret.


Sebastian Herkner

Geleitsstraße 92
D-63067 Offenbach am Main
+49 (0)69 82368081
+49 (0)171 6549009

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nathan Yong - 2

Pebble table
Marcello chairs

...again: fron Nathan Yong website, I'd choose 'Pebble' table for my chatting room.

Jarrod Lim and Nathan Yong

right: Tweety – Chair and Divide – Shelf / Screen by Nathan Yong

Hi Ho Rocking Horse by Jarrod Lim

Gable Lamps by Jarrod Lim

Bezier Tables by Jarrod Lim

Idle Chairs by Jarrod Lim
Two interessant designers from Singapore: cleaned lines, durable materials, excellent maufactured. Keep en eye on;-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shop-windows in Florence

Beautiful sets for these Louis Vuitton windows in the centre of Florence last winter.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MIHO Unexpected Things

I stumbled into this beatiful decorative birdhouse in Seis am Schlern and I came to know other 'unexpected things' by Miho, like stools and trophies.
They are all made of cardboard, sold in flat packaging and easy to assemble at home. A really hygge decoration idea!
Miho Unexpected Things is produced by the Italian company Pianezza, in Azzio (VA, Italy), from 1935 in the textile design field

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kraud Design Studio

Above, the Hockerbank stoolbench by Kraud, brand and design studio, founded by Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz, in Karlsruhe. Between their objects, I also love the ceiling light (under) with textile cable lamp shade available in different colours.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

hfg of_Main: fresh from the mint

fresh works of six graduates of the HTC Academy were shown in Milan: from furniture to lighting.
In the photo above: 2te Heimat by Susen Windrich, two trasforming stools, Beaugards, multifunctional bench by Meike Langer and Eclipse, suspension light with variable intensity by Catherine Werdel. In the group also the Stooltypes_01-04 by Nico Reinhardt, Hin und Weg by Kathrin Schumacher and LUZet by Anna Seibel.


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