Friday, September 25, 2015

One-SQM-House | Van Bo Le-Mentzel

Discover Berlin for 1 euro/night in the smallest house in the world. The One-SQM-House is a project initiated by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, a berlin-based architect, in cooperation with BMW Guggenheim LAB, airbnb and eastseven Hostel.

"The One SQM House is a wooden waterproof construction with a slide-window and a lockable slide-door and a small desk perfect for your laptop. There is a chair and a matress inside of it. You can turn the house easily to the side and then sleep in it with a comfortable angle for your back.  The house weighs 40 kg, it is on rolls and it fits through doors, elevators and even the Berlin Metro Car. It is actually located on the Pfefferberg but you can move to your favorite spot in Berlin without a car.
You want to wake up on a roof? In front of the Berlin Parliament? You want to give singing lessons? You want to use it as a kitchen desk to make pancakes for homeless? Sky is the limit! The most original, awesome and provocative ideas will make it." You can also apply with another friend for two houses and pets are allowed! Read more and apply here.

Sources: Airbnb + Hartz IV Moebel

For those, who believe, that the world get's better if we build more, buy less.

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