Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chitchat by Teun Fleskens and Ghyczy.

ChitChat in Milano Lambrate 2011
'CHITCHAT: Waiting in public spaces always could be more fun (that was the goal!).
CHITCHAT is a swinging seat from multiplex or polyester for one to seven people. If you take a seat, you bring the furniture and everyone who is sitting on it in motion. This almost always leads to interaction. It has something surprising and you get to talk about it to your neighbour. Strangers are searching together for the best balance.The ice breaks, the atmosphere improves and the waiting is less boring.The ‘rocking trees’ in the middle provide a playful effect, especially with more CHITCHATS in one space.'
Designed by Dutch designer Teun Fleskens and produced by Ghyczy.

Garden Egg Chair

The egg Chair in Lambrate - Milano 2011

The Garden Egg chair was designed by Peter Ghyczy in 1968 for both indoor/outdoor use.  It is one of the first chairs which was made with Polyurethane.
Being redesigned for the 21st century, this portable and light weight garden chair completely revived as a one of a kind among garden furniture. The unique egg-shaped design of the garden egg chair makes it completely waterproof when flipping down the top.

The body of the garden egg chair consists of a hard, resistant shell as where the inside represents the garden egg chair’s softer side, with a detachable textile cover on the comfortable cushion. Both the outer shell and the interior are available in a series of colours, allowing for enough mixing and matching to ensure a personalized piece.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mindcraft11: Line Depping

Tool Boxes
From Mindcraft11 (exhibition of the finest Danish craftspeople and designers), Line Depping amazed me for simplicity and joy of her work. Above the Tool Boxes shown in Milano: 'In 'Tool Boxes' she provides a rack for the boxes to make it easy to pull them out even when they are 'stacked' with other boxes. Each of the solid wooden boxes is designed as an independent tray that can be pulled out to either side or pulled out completely and placed on top. The top drawer is open and also forms the top of the piece. Thus, instead of concealing the contents, they lay it bare for all to see, and the functional quality is obvious.'

Following, other smart creations and Line. Winner of Bodum design award 2011, she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Line Depping
+45 25322507


Milano Lambrate

During the Design Week in Milano zona Lambrate....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cleaf, surfaces for interiors and more

Cleaf's space in via Tortona during the Design Week
 Founded in 1975 in Brianza, north of Italy, Cleaf is a player with total control on the entire manufacturing chain of panels, and further enhanced through its synergetic partnership with Caspani.
Basic manufacturing is rounded off and perfected by a full range of services and further processing: from faced, sectioning and bordering processes to the most recent techniques for digital printing and thin melamine faced panels for interiors, doors, part-finished.

The ceiling of the space set in via Tortona
Panels are ideally conceived as sharp definitions of spaces and volumes in interiors – functioning as doors, partitions, sliding walls, furniture panelling – and made unique by original, lasting and hard-wearing surfaces in a sophisticated and ever-evolving range of colours.

The production of semi-finished products is greatly adaptable and versatile, delivering solutions for a wide range of applications, from wardrobe to kitchen and bathroom components, to exhibition and pavillion floors, from home interiors to spaces for commercial fairs.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Aprro, JKK and Spiro Chair

JFK Chair designed by Rich Overcash for Aprro, here in the glossy walnut vo, is produced also in mahogany, red oak and upholstered vo. 

Spiro in corian and stainless steel designed by Alexander Purcell.


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