Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Giuliadreambox | Handmade paper theatres

Alice is waiting for Santa - by Giulia Adriana Leone

Giulia Adriana Leone has a lifelong long love for drawing and painting. After moving to Florence, she has cultivated her passion and knowledge of renaissance art. She has found a way to express this passion, in little worlds that tell a story in scenes and images in her wonderful dreambox; "vivid cinematic glimpses which look at sense and sensibility to tiny theatrical scenes of plays that will capture and enchant in amazement, the spectator. Evoking the same spellbinding enchanted charm we felt as children once upon a time.

Creating a dreambox is a laborious and long process, this inspiration stems from dioramas of old theatre cards and pop-up books. To create a dreambox from start to finish, takes between two to three weeks. The most challenging stage that takes the most time is research, study and


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