Friday, June 29, 2012

Ceccotti Collezioni

Today I was looking at the beautiful catalog of the Italian manufacturer              Ceccotti Collezioni and I want to share here four between their creatures that I'd like to use in my next projects.
The first two are designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis: Afterglow - floor lamp with tubular stern and light shade in burnished brass and tempered glass; Golden cage - freestanding bookcase made in natural brass rod completely hand brushed without any treatment to avoid alteration of natural characteristics of brass oxidation.
Following, Stella - table made in solid American walnut, glass top, and Luna - console made in solid American walnut, top in corian with hollow tray. Both designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lari - Tuscany

After Lorenzana, we stopped in the village of Lari, wonderful! There's a lot to visit, it is very ancient, before X sec. Don't miss the castle, the market arcade, the churches, the gates, the walls and the Martelli laboratory - family made pasta! We had also a nice time sitting down and drinking a spritz at La Bottega della Specialità, via Diaz (near the castle).

Lorenzana - Tuscany

Some days ago, I went to Pisa for work and, on the way back to Florence, we stopped in two beautiful little villages of Tuscany. The first one was Lorenzana - in the photos - with his beautiful church.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Portrait of a b/w interior

These beautiful images of Vincent Van Duysen‘s home in Antwerp inspired me the upper dashboard. The first photo is by the Danish photographer Ditte Isager while the others are by the Spanish photographer Manolo Yllera.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mimou - Sweden | Creativity Rules

... decorating is not nuclear science - it´s all about bringing items together with love.

Mimou is a Swedish productor of gorgeous wallpaper, linen, cushions, fabrics, furnitures. These snapshots come from their last beautiful inspiring catalog celebrating the end consumer and well titled 'creativity rules'.
In the making of our products we always have the user in mind and we are always curious as to what happens with the product when it "leaves home". What will it look like? Will it be happy? Will it be cared for? We are a bit like anxious parents to a teenager.
In Sweden we have a saying: The taste is like the butt - divided. Well, in this catalog we wanted to find out more... We invited 7 people to show their version of what our products look like in their environment. The result blew us away with astonishment. All styles were distinctly different from each other and still we loved them all.

mimou ab gamla landsvägen 2 372 31 Ronneby
phone: +46 457 19070 fax: +46 457 27075

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Vancouver home office of Peter and Brenda Juric

These photos were published in the article 'How a home work space works best' - The Globe and Mail - featuring the home office of Vancouver developers Peter and Brenda Juric. I like so much this cosy and functional space. It looks like you have anything by hand but all well organized. The interior design is by Kelly Deck Design. Photographies are by Barry Calhoun. Read The Globe and Mail article here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vitamins for a GIRL

Vitamin BedRoom Dashboard
This is the dashboard for the room of a girl I've done recently. She's a student, so she need a place for books and I thought of the MDF library. The seat is RIN by Fritz Hansen, the  pendant light is O Space by Foscarini and the table one is Cindy by Kartell. The rug and the drawer are Ikea's. After that, we played with fabrics and photos on the walls!

Kinnasand, new HEMP collection

The new Kinnasand HEMP carpet collection stands for a carpet collection of authentic unique pieces. The handwoven kelims are characterised by the prevailing tradition of the nomads and a puristic design language. Each HEMP carpet is composed of fragments of ancient kelims handwoven in 100% hemp, narrating it’s own story. Since every fragment of your HEMP kelim comes from different provinces, colour shadings and differences in the weaving structure are essential features.
The kelims of the collection are unique pieces with a history. Each original piece is composed of fragments of ancient carpets, handwoven by the nomads in 100% hemp.
For the HEMP collection best quality of these 30-60 year old kelims are selected on site. The carpets are repeatedly wasched, bleached, dyed and dried. They are individually manufactured and reassembled carefully by hand.
Since every fragment of your kelim originates from different provinces, colour shadings and differences in weaving structures are significant features. Eventual appearance of shady areas, single extraneous yarn as well as small knots are manifestations of its authenticity.
The HEMP Kelims - plain and multicolour - are unique pieces with a history and are available in 10 standard sizes. Individual sizes are possible upon request.

Following, two pieces of a previous collection of Kinnasand, the VINTAGE Carpet Collection.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY office dashboard

This is the dashboard in my office, it's very practical to do and to use. You need only a piece of fiberglass net (the one used to plaster walls). You can hang a bar of wood to the wall, before, and fix the top of the net to the bar in several points (or  it will bend with time). That's all, now you can fix your papers with a peg or a clip and change the arrangement all the times you need. Useful also in kids room!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Moooi Lighting Collection, Lolita

Designed by Nika Zupanc in 2008, Lolita is part of the Moooi lighting collection. The lamp has a injection moulded abs shade and a polyurethane base, it is produced as suspended, floor or table lamp in the colors white, black, grey or pink. I love the mix above or b/w, if you have photo of other nice installations, send the link in the dashboard or on facebook, please!

"Who is afraid of pink? My imagination chases female archetypes intentionally. Frivolous, even naive objects are my favorite victims. And when, during such a process, I manage to be creative in an evidently reserved way, I then touch the purest meaning of my work and frivolity becomes timeless elegance. Lolita is here to play with your emotions. She is here to break your everyday routine."

5 o' clock Chair and Lolita at Salone Satellite, Milano 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

David Derksen Design

David Derksen opened his studio in Rotterdam. Last spring, he presented his work in Milano with Tuttobene. 'Simply by folding, a thin copper sheet can be used to construct stable forms. This principle defines the shape and aesthetics of the Copper Lights. For precise bending, the lines have been etched halfway into the material. The sheets are then folded and assembled by hand. The three variations of the Copper Lights make them suitable for many different interior applications.'

'Transcience shows the beauty of the natural oxidizing process of mirrors.
By accelerating and manipulating this process, the Transcience mirrors show various stages of oxidation in three different geometrical patterns.'


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