Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mimou - Sweden | Creativity Rules

... decorating is not nuclear science - it´s all about bringing items together with love.

Mimou is a Swedish productor of gorgeous wallpaper, linen, cushions, fabrics, furnitures. These snapshots come from their last beautiful inspiring catalog celebrating the end consumer and well titled 'creativity rules'.
In the making of our products we always have the user in mind and we are always curious as to what happens with the product when it "leaves home". What will it look like? Will it be happy? Will it be cared for? We are a bit like anxious parents to a teenager.
In Sweden we have a saying: The taste is like the butt - divided. Well, in this catalog we wanted to find out more... We invited 7 people to show their version of what our products look like in their environment. The result blew us away with astonishment. All styles were distinctly different from each other and still we loved them all.

mimou ab gamla landsvägen 2 372 31 Ronneby
phone: +46 457 19070 fax: +46 457 27075

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