Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prouvé RAW, a new look on Jean Prouvé by G-Star RAW for Vitra

While Jean Prouvé’s works have always been part of the Vitra Design Museum’s collection, Vitra also holds the exclusive manufacturing rights for Jean Prouvé’s designs since 2001. So Vitra has teamed up with international denim brand G-Star to give a new look on Jean Prouvé projects and the result is Prouvé RAW, a collection of seventeen reinterpreted furniture classics.

'After a research of two years, G-Star, the Prouvé family and Vitra have worked on giving some of Jean Prouvé’s best known designs a fresh and contemporary look and feel, while re-discovering some of Prouvé’s less known designs.
The presentation “Prouvé RAW” will be at the Hadid Firestation, Vitra Campus Weil am Rhein, from June 16th until July 31st.
A selection of designs will then be made available as a numbered and labeled Prouvé RAW Edition through major Vitra showrooms around the world.'www.vitra .com

Ciclotte, ride on design

Scenario in Paris

Scenario in New York
An object of design, fitness equipment, home accessory, Ciclotte breaks with the designs of gym equipment that emphasize functional aspects, to find a place with style in every context. Ciclotte derives from Ciclò, monowheel prototype for the urban mobility, now part of Triennale Design Museum permanent collection. Ciclotte is designed by Luca Schieppati and produced by Lamiflex Group.
I found the beautiful artist illustrations of Ciclotte I published above in the official website.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Net collection


Smateria was established in Cambodia in 2006 by two Italian friends, Elisa and Jennifer, who began transforming discarded materials into gorgeous new fashion accessories by mixing Italian design and technical Khmer skills. So using discarded protection net for use on construction sites, plastic abandoned bags or recycling old discarded moto seats they produce funky bags and wallets. You can have a look to the whole collection in their web-site.

Garbage bag



And more, 'Smateria is a self financed, social enterprise that employ able bodied and disabled people. In just four years, the business has grown from five to fifty employees. All Smateria employees are contracted in accordance with International Labour Law. 85% of Smateria employees are young women between the ages of 20 and 30. Smateria outsources much of the handiwork to the family members of their staff. Basic training is offered to the family members for free and sewing machines are provided on a rent to own agreement. The cost of the machines are repaid to Smateria in monthly instalments free of interest fees.'

...and this is my Smateria bag;-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pigr - Milano

Bird Bread by Reddish Studio
Atelier chair/Tortona2011 by Studio C

Pigr, an e-shop and an online space devoted to large and small products, selects original objects from all over the world on sale at reasonable prices. More,Pigr, as design-shop and design-gallery, runs a permanent exhibition of all the products in the catalogue and, on the other hand, also organizes exhibitions, meetings and events in the old premises of a distinctive building from the early 20th century in the Porta Romana neighbourhood, designed and refurbished by Studio C Milano (STC).

To share the pleasure, fun and interest in the latest frontiers of design and creativity emerging from the imaginations of the latest generations: Pigr promotes all this know-how and offers visibility to all the designers involved; it develops small and big projects, following through their production and marketing right up to the public presentation of constantly new collections of unusual and brand-new objects.
via Clusone, 6
I-20135 Milano
t +39 02 3651 6827

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pipa sink - Carlo Colombo for AntonioLupi

ceci n'est pas une pipe mais un lavabo!
Pipa sink designed by Carlo Colombo for the Antonio Lupi collection.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Margherita chair - Angelo Grassi

Margherita stacking chair

Margherita (Daisy) is the poetic chair designed by Angelo Grassi. Realized with a stainless steel frame and elastic strings, Margherita is suitable for exteriors-interiors and available in different colours: white, red, blue and black. (Seen in ZonaTortona)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Elle Decor Place - Yong Talents on Show

UK - Donna Wilson

UK - Donna Wilson

The Netherlands - Scholten & Baijings

Sweden - Form Us With Love

Japon - Leif.designpark

Greece - Afrotidi Krassa - ICosi Bonaldo
20 designers selected by the 25 international editions of Elle Decoration were showcasing their furniture, objects and accessories at Stella McCartney showroom during the Design Week.

Here the whole list:
1. Cina - Maxmarko - Chen Darui
2. Croazia - Maja Mesic
3. Francia - Guillaume Delvigne
4. Germania - Mark Braun
5. Giappone - Leif.designpark
6. Grecia - Afrotidi Krassa - ICosi Bonaldo
7. India - Sahil & Sarthak Design
8. Italia - A/R Studio - Antigone Acconci – Riccardo Bastiani
9. Norvegia - Petter Skogstad
10. Olanda - Scholten & Baijings - Stefan Scholten - Carole Baijings
11. Polonia- Malafor - Agata Kulik-Pomorska - Pawel Pomorski
12. Regno Unito - Donna Wilson
13. Repubblica Ceca – Boris Klimek
14. Romania - Lundi et Demi - Ciprian Tocu - Attila Kim
15. Russia - SashaDasha Design - Sasha Gantseva - Dasha Gantseva
16. Spagna - Tomas Alonso
17. Stati Uniti - Moste - Billy Cotton – Michael Bargo
18. Sud Africa - Joe Paine
19. Svezia - Form Us With Love - Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren, Petrus Palmér
20. Ungheria -Sian Zeng

Elle Decor Place

Reality Design
The April cover

Area Relax

Elle Decor Place has been set by the Italian magazine Elle Decor, in the spaces of the Stella McCartney's showroom at Spazio Setmani in via Forcella 5, Zona Tortona.
Spaces have been organized in 4 sectors:
- Elle Decor Caffe’, Young Talents on Show,  Reality Design the photographic set of the April issue of the magazine that everyone could use as his own set and the Area Relax (my favourite of course) where you could play ping pong or sit down in cushions and hear music;-)

Elle Decor Place was
c/o Stella McCartney at
via Forcella 5 – MILANO

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

eumenes: Eu/phoria and Eus, design Paola Navone

“Eu/phoria” and “Eus” - Design Paola Navone

“Eu/phoria”  - Design Paola Navone

“Eu/phoria's shells” 

The fruit of Marco Dolcino's entrepreneurial vision and his experience in the sector, eumenes is a new brand of designer furnishing accessories aimed at the mid to high segment of the market. After its debut at the latest edition of Maison&Objet in Paris eumenes was presented at Salone del Mobile in Milano with the collections Eu/phoria and Eus by Paola Navone / Arkys and Aracne by Jean Marie Massaud.

The Eu/phoria chairs are shells supported by a slender frame. They can be adorned with intense colours, in lively Vichy checks or country stripes, in more sober houndstooth, or in supple Alcantara. Mostly, they are eco-friendly, because the manufacture of the shell uses material left over from woodworking. A monocoque chair that arose from the notion of using Woodstock®, a ‘cheap’ material that is normally used in the automobile industry, which is 50% material left over from woodworking and 50% polypropylene. The compound is produced in thermoformable sheets; it is extremely flexible and hard wearing, and in the moulding phase it can be matched with all kinds of fabrics (eumenes patent), making it completely customizable. The chair’s supporting structure, in painted metal, comes in seven different colour options. Matching the colour of the seat to the supporting structure yields a completely different look each time.

The Eus table, like the chairs, is customizable. The painted metal base, in four colours, is distinguished by lightness of touch and the playful design of the supporting feet. However, this project’s real strong point comes from the choice of material for the top, which changes the table’s appearance and mood. The top (rectangular, round or square) comes in acid-etched glass that is screen printed with lively geometric patterns; in hardwearing layered laminate, obtained from processing recycled materials from plastic laminates; and in Ecomat: an innovative material derived from ground olive pits from olive oil production mixed with recycled plastic and scrap material from nappy manufacture.
During Salone del Mobile, in addition to its presence at Opificio 31, eumenes was also an exclusive partner of Elle Decor Caffe' for furnishings, c/o Stella McCartney’s Showroom in Via Forcella 5.

eumenes at Elle Decor Place
eumenes at Elle Decor Place

eumenes at Elle Decor Place

Friday, June 3, 2011

Idarica Gazzoni - Wallpapers & Fabrics

Textile designer and decorative painter Idarica Gazzoni, early inspired by Italian frescoes, after her studies of decorative painting in Brussels, opened her showroom in Milan.
The new Arjumand collection of fabrics and wallpaper (named after the Mogul princess whose husband built the Taj Mahal) was all printed in Italy on heavy-weight hemp, cotton, tussah silk, linen voile, and wool felt.
These beautiful images are from her website.


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