Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prouvé RAW, a new look on Jean Prouvé by G-Star RAW for Vitra

While Jean Prouvé’s works have always been part of the Vitra Design Museum’s collection, Vitra also holds the exclusive manufacturing rights for Jean Prouvé’s designs since 2001. So Vitra has teamed up with international denim brand G-Star to give a new look on Jean Prouvé projects and the result is Prouvé RAW, a collection of seventeen reinterpreted furniture classics.

'After a research of two years, G-Star, the Prouvé family and Vitra have worked on giving some of Jean Prouvé’s best known designs a fresh and contemporary look and feel, while re-discovering some of Prouvé’s less known designs.
The presentation “Prouvé RAW” will be at the Hadid Firestation, Vitra Campus Weil am Rhein, from June 16th until July 31st.
A selection of designs will then be made available as a numbered and labeled Prouvé RAW Edition through major Vitra showrooms around the world.'www.vitra .com

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