Friday, September 28, 2012

Fritz Juel, a houseboat in Copenhagen

Fritz Juel is a ferryboat built in 1954 in Svendborg, Denmark and now converted into a charming houseboat from DSA Ark . Fritz Juel has for a long time been facing Nyhavn and is now berthed at the Holmen. Equiped with solar panels on its roof, it hosted the office of architect Nils Jeppe Hansen, owner of DSA Ark Studio. Read the History and see more photos here.

 “Being an architect, I have, for many years, been interested
in incorporating solar energy into buildings without compromising
the design of the exterior. This I have been able to
achieve on “Fritz Juel”, the house boat dated back from 1954,
where I have my office. I was able to install a system that supplies
plenty of usable energy that is generated by the sun. This
has lowered my heating costs and benefits the environment
by reducing CO 2 emission.”
  Nils Jeppe Hansen, Architect

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