Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pastoe, special jubilee cupboard

Jubilee cabinet, studio Pastoe 2013

Pastoe is getting ready to celebrate its 100th anniversary on 13 April 2013. 'This milestone will be celebrated with a comprehensive exhibition at museum the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 23 February through 2 June. Curator Anne van der Zwaag and author Gert Staal have been brought in to develop the programme that also includes the publication of a commemorative book, and several workshops. Architects, artists and designers who share Pastoe’s mentality and aesthetics will all be providing a contribution to the programme from their own discipline. The programme will showcase iconic designs from Pastoe’s history, as well as its contemporary products and new ideas regarding living.'Next to the event, Pastoe will bring out a special jubilee cupboard inspired by an original design by Cees Braakman. The original model from the birch wood series was first brought out by Pastoe in 1952.The new jubilee cupboard ­will be launched in January 2013.
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