Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cleaf, surfaces for interiors and more

Cleaf's space in via Tortona during the Design Week
 Founded in 1975 in Brianza, north of Italy, Cleaf is a player with total control on the entire manufacturing chain of panels, and further enhanced through its synergetic partnership with Caspani.
Basic manufacturing is rounded off and perfected by a full range of services and further processing: from faced, sectioning and bordering processes to the most recent techniques for digital printing and thin melamine faced panels for interiors, doors, part-finished.

The ceiling of the space set in via Tortona
Panels are ideally conceived as sharp definitions of spaces and volumes in interiors – functioning as doors, partitions, sliding walls, furniture panelling – and made unique by original, lasting and hard-wearing surfaces in a sophisticated and ever-evolving range of colours.

The production of semi-finished products is greatly adaptable and versatile, delivering solutions for a wide range of applications, from wardrobe to kitchen and bathroom components, to exhibition and pavillion floors, from home interiors to spaces for commercial fairs.

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