Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas good energy | Secret Santa

This Christmas I wish you all  (...ok,) we all could spread good energy around. I just read the story of Secret Santa here - there is also a pdf version for kids (ready to be printed and colored)....

"Larry Dean Stewart 1948 – 2007 was the creator and original Secret Santa. Through his personal example over a twenty year period, he demonstrated and defined the role and mission of Secret Santa.
"Secret Santa's" random acts of kindness over the years had an impact on people throughout the world who either were beneficiaries or who read in media reports his random acts of kindness and giving; especially three months before his death in January 2007 when his personal identity was made public." more

Here and here two last-minute nice inspiring stories to read!
See you next week with Christmas lunch and smart gift wrapping ideas:)

Quotes 01 - 02 - Via my Words board

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