Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday DIY | Waiting the New Year

Dear friends, how was your Christmas? Mine was hygge, at home, warm, simple, comfortable, as I like it. This was my 14th Christmas with Lizzy - I'm so grateful for this! I found some beautiful ideas to make these days last longer like doing a winter potpourry, planting bulbs or  preparing a past year time capsule  + some diy to celebrate the new year coming.
UP01 + 02: Studio Frey 2015 Cards free printable | 03: Warm drinks Vol. Vanilla Cider recipe04Fortune cookies recipe | 05New Year's Resolution Party Hats.
AFTER, 06Roasted Spiced Orange Potpourri | 07New Year's Eve Favor + iPhone Wallpaper - free | 08Planting Hyacints | 09Free printable NYE favor box | 10Golden glitter star cake toppers | 11New Year’s Eve Confetti Poppers.

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