Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Closing year! | My faves of 2014

Now is that time of year when we reflect on everything that’s happened the past 363-4-5 days and we make extraordinary resolutions for the next year arriving (the one when I'll get rich and famous). I want to say that i’m so grateful for everyone of you who visited this blog. THANK you! This is the year when I could go back to photography - I finally decided to buy a simple basic reflex and everything changed. Now I realize how much I was missing it.  Anyway, ...even if I'm a few words person..., I hope I could say something with my photos (maybe you're thinking it was better without photos and even without words) and I hope I could bring a little of inspiration to your day with my posts. 

Here’s some of the photos/posts I enjoyed most making this year…

the still-life with the biscuits roses de Reims - find more here

the Maple Wallpaper -free - find more here

Walking in Milano during the Design week - find more here

My Something Frilly things - find more here

Visiting the Mont Blanc and the Haute Savoie last summer - find more here

The easy book rack project - find more here

My little italian weekends - find more here (..and Florence, my city, too!)

...and the 2015 calendar - free - find it here

l. lau

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