Friday, May 25, 2012

Peter J. Pless Design - Milano 2012

Link series
"In order to achieve an object that is truly sustainable, social and personal values need to be embedded as an active component within the artifact. These filters listed, suggest a new paradigm of interaction and overall integrity that can be achieved. " PJP.
The LINK Series offers many configurations in order to adapt to any interior space. The concept for this series derives from the observation of the flexibility and modularity of mechanical components such as chains and cable carriers.
The flexible modules articulate amongst each other in different ways and can easily be added or removed. The pieces are elegant and really practical!
La LINK Series offre diverse soluzioni adattandosi a qualsiasi spazio. Il concetto alla base dell'idea deriva dall'osservazione della flessibilit√† e modularit√† degli elementi meccanici quali le catene delle biciclette.
I moduli si articolano tra loro in modi diversi e possono facilmente essere aggiunti o rimossi. Gli elementi sono allo stesso tempo eleganti e molto pratici!

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