Friday, December 3, 2010

Luck & Fancy by Ivy Chuang

'Knoend' :: express his philosophy to the world: Know no end!

The design studio was founded in 2006 by Ivy Chuang. She is interested in exploring the role of design at the intersection of culture, craft, technology, and sustainability.
From her introduction: 'Knoend is an ecodesign studio operating on the belief that design is a catalyst for change. Design has the power to create new experiences that will bring enhanced meaning to life.
With every product or project undertaken, the goal is to provide a fresh look at the world, to allow people to see, feel, experience life in another way and to do so without negative environmental or social impact.'
Luck & Fancy (in these photoes in Milan) is a furniture collection born with the goal of connecting people with technology, realized with manufacturing methods that combine digital technology and artisanal craft. 'In an age when machines steadily replace master artisans, and handicraft continues to shift to developing nations', Ivy shows a possible direction to the interaction of sustainability and technology with culture and craft in our future.

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