Friday, May 20, 2011

Vandoma Design - Portugal

Vandoma Design has presented the Deluxe version of PortoGallus lamp and Sente60 sofa at Tortona Design Week in Milan, Italy.
PortoGallus Deluxe was Vandoma's novelty for this fair. Inspired by the Portuguese Barcelos’ Cock and by the national culture, this design object casts much more than light. By observing it you can define strong personality lines on a piece that marks for its presence and elegance. PortoGallus lamp has a metal structure base with the advantage of having a directional light. The crochet application completes it, transforming it into a piece full of life and charisma. A Vandoma’s wish.

Available in two versions: chromed metal structure and application of red crochet or, Deluxe vo, gold metal structure and application of black crochet.
Sente60 sofa and PortoGallus

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