Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sarah Bottger: Juuri and Bol

Here two projects of the German designer Sarah Bottger: Juuri - vessels serie - and Bol - the side table.
Juuri is produced by Menu. "One divided by eight equals six - Not a matter of arithmetic but of eight different places cuts! Inspired by the manufacturing process of glass, all vessels derive from the same basic shape. Using a flexible ring and fitted plastic lids it is possible to combine and close them."
In the first two photo, Juuri "making of" exhibited at Il·lacions - Galeria de disseny located in the Raval of Barcelona, last winter. Il·lacions is a multi disciplinary space dedicated to the diffusion of design and applied arts, founded by German architect Ellen Rapelius and Catalan designer Xavier Franquesa.

Bol is a side table but also a bowl, where things can be placed and stored. It consists of a pressed metal shell, hold on three points and a frame made of ash wood. The frame can be easily taken apart and packed. Nice, isn't it? I love her style, so pure!

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