Friday, August 10, 2012

Alex S. MacLean, Up on the roof: New York's hidden skyline spaces

Alex S. MacLean is an accomplished fine art aerial photographer based in Lincoln, MA. Pilot and photographer Alex MacLean has flown his plane over large areas of the United States, documenting the landscape from beautiful agricultural patterns to geometric city grids. In his new book, he directs his lens at the rooftops of New York City, showing the great complexity and life of the roofs of New York's buildings. Depicting not only the city's famous water towers, but pools, tennis courts, gardens, sunbathers, art, and restaurants up in the air, MacLean's powerful images give readers a glimpse of a part of the city that usually remains hidden. Looking forward to find it;-)

A previous work that I love: Dinghies Clustered Around Dock
Duxbury, Massachusetts

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