Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spectacular transparent swimmingpools

Equis House by S. Barclay - J. P. Crousse

Equis House by S. Barclay - J. P. Crousse

Equis House is a seasonal residence in CaƱete (Peru) projected by Architects S. Barclay - J. P. Crousse in 2003.
"The project seeks to create the necessary intimacy to live in the desert and to 'domesticate' it without denying or betraying its characteristics. We started by conceiving a pure solid which would appear to have always been there. During the design process, we "excavated" this theoretical solid, removing matter bit-by-bit, just as archaeologists would remove sand to discover the pre-Columbian ruins in this region. The resulting exterior spaces merge with interior spaces in a continuous fluid space within an enclosure that pushes the ambiguity between interior and exterior spaces to its limits."
La Purificadora by Ricardo and Victor Legorreta
La Purificadora, by renowned Mexican architect Ricardo and Victor Legorreta, located in the historic centre of Puebla, is the new incarnation of a late 19th-century factory long used to purify water for the production of ice.
The building’s tradition of purity is still the guiding leitmotif at the simple and minimalist yet modern and edgy style.

OFTB - Elsternwick

OFTB - Elsternwick

OFTB - Middlepark
I end with the photos of two private houses designed by OFTB (Out of the blue) architects, a team of landscape architects based in Melbourne, Australia.

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