Friday, November 9, 2012

Clipper Teas packaging by Big Fish agency

Clipper is a British tea company started in 1984 by Mike and Lorraine Brehme with just two chests of Assam tea from a single tea estate. Teas of such quality weren’t widely available at that time and proved to be a huge success. The company was an ethical business from the start. “It was always about how you want to make a living,” explains Mike. “I was in tea already, and I realised there was child labour involved and I thought, ‘That’s no way to make a living.’”
Over the years, the company has introduced organic tea, coffee,  chocolate, white tea, Rooibos and the Japanese-style sencha.

I've recently discovered this brand when, admiring the Clipper Teas' boxes in a nearby shop, I found out that it's not only very good quality but also ethical.  And naturally, I bought it (It has also a very good price, 3,00 euro each box with twenty bags). The re-design of the Clipper Tea range of packaging - by UK agency Big Fish - has picked up a coveted Pentaward!

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