Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas - Inspiration and DIY - 7 : My Christmas Windows

The 8th of December, I always hang my Christmas decorations
These are the paper curtains I created for my 2012 Christmas window, I hope you like them! 
I wanted to create something recycling materials I already had in my home. So I did.
If you want to do something similar, it's very easy. I cut two pieces of brown paper in the same width of the two glasses of my window. I folded and sew the upside and the downside of each piece around a wood stick (I used 4 sticks for Orchid and a stapler). I cut stars, trees and flowers (that look like snow) out of some aluminum foil biscuits bags. I pasted them on the two brown paper sheets. I added some silver pencil star and some colored felted snow flakes.

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