Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Garden - Kekkila Garden

Kekkil√§ Oy is a Finnish company - owned by Vapo Oy - specialised in growing mediums and mulches and it is an expert in fertilising. I went lost in their catalogue of hobby products for gardeners where I found the minimal design objects in the photos. I think I'd need the first three of them just now to host my plants in this cold winter!

Photo from Skonahem

Mikko Jortikka, a Master of Science in Agriculture moved to Sakkola in Carelia in 1916. There he settled at the Kekkilä Manor where he began to grow all sorts of edible plants on a large scale. To ensure that he would get an excellent harvest he grew his plants in 1 800 squares, in which he experimented on and documented the different needs for nutrients that the plants had. As a result the first multi nutrient fertilisers in Finland were developed.

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