Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NO DESIGN! by Mario Bellini for Meritalia

"Are you tired of dreamlike and floral designs, tired of weaves, carvings and sponges?. Are you tired of stuffed animals, jabot, ruffles, pleats and patchwork? Can not stand muscle, biomorphic, sculptural exhibitionism, fake recycle and neo-vintage?. Are you bored of pseudo grandmother ‘s memories, burned baroque and  mortuary minimalism? Are you fed up with this overwhelming, uncontrollable, loud blowout of design? Then we change the game and start from scratch: NO DESIGN! NO DESIGN! But let's put on four solid wheels (with four brake) because this furniture (...) is truly mobile, that is movable. As befits the lifestyle of today, because our space is increasingly volatile, transferable, reconfigurable. More and more smart and mobile. "
Mario Bellini, 2011
This will be my next couch, it's perfect for my ideal home!

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