Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday brunch at OpificioJM in Prato

Yesterday, we had a nice brunch at OpificioJM in Prato: avocados+walnuts salad, pancakes, mozzarella+pesto toast, frites, kiwi juice and coffee!
 avocado+Since June 15th 2010, situated in the middle of the historic centre of Prato and sheltered between the fourteenth century walls and the medieval battlements, there has been a new place to shop and it’s called OPIFICIOJm.
Sitting along the same path that the Medicean troops used to secretly pass through, OPIFICIOJm is named after the famous American actor and director John Malkovich who put down his roots in Prato and now designs his own clothing line Technobohemian.
OPIFICIOJm brings together consumers and creative local Tuscan products. It is a collection of local businesses dedicated to creating original and high quality products exclusively for the brand. Working with Tuscan craftsmen allows the store to support local businesses and, with minimal transport, also helps the environment.
OPIFICIOJm is also a brand consisting of forty craftsmen and their beautiful products - food, furniture, pret-a-porter, jewellery, ceramics, metal goods and glassworks - that are displayed over 600 square metres.

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