Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lago - Milano 2013

Tree and Air 

In the corridor, a central, 20-metre long table for visitors.

LAGO's intention is to lay the foundations for a strong community that, starting from the company╩╝s shared values, can make itself the promoter and star of a new vision of living that is less self-referential and more attentive to people╩╝s real needs. Among the fruits of this special approach to design are some new collections: LAGO Objects and LAGO Interior. In these collections, design, realised by LAGO, finds its
complement in the art of “craftsman expertise” of makers, artisans and other companies, thus
giving form and substance to a new world in which the individual object loses meaning in favour of a
holistic vision of living space that ranges from objects and wallpaper to panelling and flooring.

New release: Kinoki Collection - design by Setsu & Shinobu ITO

New release: Slide - design by Daniele Lago

Wildwood bed 2012

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