Tuesday, April 30, 2013

molo studio - cloud floor + table softlight

During the Milan Design Week, the Otzium Cafe in via Tortona became a teahouse hosting the temporary installation of the canadian design company molo.

'Milan Design Week went by in a flurry of steeping, sipping, conversation, and the official worldwide release of the new cloud floor + table softlight. Over the course of the week molo’s temporary installation of molostore + teahouse poured beverages, both hot and cold, for thousands of visitors.
Installing within a functioning cafe was an opportunity to create a completely interactive exhibit, one that would both show the flexibility of molo’s modular soft collection and participate in everyday routines.

During Design Week there is a spirit of celebration throughout Milan, with crowds of people filling the streets. Many people would come in off of Tortona, sit down for a coffee or tea, and take the chance to recollect before returning to the street. The honeycomb structure of softwall + softblock, which were installed throughout the teahouse, naturally absorb sound and reduced the ambient noise coming in from the street.
This meditative calm within the teahouse seemed to echo the pace and patience of the tea brewing inside. In molo’s float tea lantern, the process of steeping is fully exposed and put on display to be enjoyed as much as the drinking of the tea itself.
Overhead, the cloud softlight mobiles hung throughout for molo’s teahouse installation seemed instantly at home. Unanimously agreed upon as being a beautiful addition to the space, the softlights will happily remain as a permanent installation in the cafe.' more

molo, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a collaborative design and production studio led by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen. The molo studio is a design and manufacturing company dedicated to the research of materials and the exploration of space making.

Float glassware

Float glassware

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