Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sentou - Akura lampshade

Akura lampshade and Assiette Bazelaire

Robert Sentou founded a furniture factory in the South-West of France in 1947. He was one of the first manufacturers to produce established designer’s creations which he presented to the public as well as to a large network of architects in his first Parisian shop in 1977.
In collaboration with the designer Roger Tallon and the architect Roger Fatus, in 1986 he created a new type of retail environment “Sentou Galerie”. Following his acquaintance with Pierre Romanet, a young interior architect, Robert Sentou was impressed by his sharp eye for quality, appreciation for craftsmanship and enthusiasm for design. Robert Sentou retired in 1991 leaving Pierre Romanet at the head of the company.
Today, Sentou manufactures and distributes in its 2 shops in Paris and to more than 400 retail stores throughout the world – furniture, lighting, textiles and tableware, an array of contemporary products which combine humour, design and poetry, carefully selected by Pierre Romanet.

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