Thursday, May 23, 2013

eQ plus | Zona Tortona

The Look And Feel chair (L.A.F.) - design: Geke Lensink / Jesse Visser

The Connect - design: Geke Lensink / Jesse Visser
Between the eQ plus highlights designed by Geke Lensink + Jesse Visser and presented in Zona Tortona last month:
- The Look And Feel chair (L.A.F.), inspired to architects and designers' seat. A very clear and sleek design with maximum comfort available in 9 contemporary colours. The material is very practical and bends itself to the shape of the body. Because of the diversity of bases the L.A.F. chair fits in many different locations and situations. Colours: oxblood, red, orange, forest, green, lime, petrol, taupe and black.
- The Connect, a sturdy and very comfortable seat on a swivel base that can be delivered in several fabrics and leather.

In the eQ plus catalogue, I especially love the Big Mama table, see next photos.

TV production company De Haaien bought a Big Mama for their Amsterdam office

Big Mama in the office for Kunstwerk Loods 6 - designed by Geke Lensink and Jesse Visser

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