Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Free Cursive Fonts Generator

I prepared the little gift above for the birth of Bianca, the baby of a dear friend. I bought two neon pink frames from Habitat and, to personalize them, I decided to handwrite the baby's name. Looking for a free cursive fonts generator on the web, I found the FontMeme's one. FontMeme's Free Cursive Font
is a very easy and quick tool to use. You can generate text designs based on your selection of fonts, colors and sizes. You can then download the image for your own use.
I chosed the Olhoboi Trial 2011 font. I also chosed a big size to reduce it 'till the right dimensions while printing (I needed 8x8 cm). Finally, I copied the fonts on a precious ivory paper using my Rotring ArtPen.
The second frame will guest the first photo of Bianca.

FontMeme's Free Cursive Font Generator

My preferred ones: 01 : OlhoboiTrial2011 | 02: BeforeTheRain | 03 : Dirtc | 04: Respective

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