Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kaamos - The Hut, Finland

Kaamos prototypes at SaloneSatellite, Milan, 2013
The Hut is the last collection of Kaamos drawing from Finnish log cabin culture and including lamps, a carpet, containers, acoustic panels and tabeltop products. The  prototypes presented at SaloneSatellite, Milan, 2013 are build on a new interpretation of the traditional log cabin, where people used to gather to spend time, tell stories, and enjoy a cup of coffee. 

Kaamos is a collective of designers from Finland. Their designs are greatly inspired by Finnish culture and traditional production processes. "We aim to produce innovative products to create a convenient, enjoyable and interesting living environment, without forgetting local and ecological values. We appreciate authentic materials, and we are not afraid to use and combine them in experimental or imaginative ways. Our product prototypes have been created in co-operation with Finnish artisans, but our products are also suitable for industrial serial production."

Letters, font blocks by Erik Bertell + Linja, Pendant lamp by Matti Syrjälä

Tatti, Containers by Katriina Nuutinen

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