Thursday, July 4, 2013

Olga Bielawska Design, HAMBURG

Olga Bielawska is a freelance designer based in Hamburg, Germany.
After founding the experimental label Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus together with Astrid Schildkopf,   she started working on new products from 2012.
'MADE BY CRAFTSMEN' is the last collection, developed for the 2013 Furnitue Fair in Milan, created  exploring various materials and traditional techniques, to show how can design and craft work together. The purpose was to "give every object a unique character and a narrative personality, which is able to accumulate stories of lives lived around it."

Sirens“ is an outstanding mirror and light object, that attracts attention but in a silent and poetic way.
The elegant silhouette is combined with shiny copper and extends into the living space bringing the mirrors and the ambient light aesthetically to the front.
Sirens“ are hand-crafted of copper with an old spinning technique. LED light sources create a modern aspect.

This Set of three triangle Boxes form a geometrical architecture. The Boxes by the name of „Prism“ get their graphical signature from their straight lines, shapes , sharp edges and contrasting colours inside and outside. They are made using cardbord and coated linen with the traditional technique of Bookbinding and fold easily for transport.

See the other pieces of the collection and more here.

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