Sunday, August 4, 2013

Holidays!! Too hot to work


I'm leaving on Holidays! I'm going to the North of Italy, in Alto Adige, to breath some fresh air.
In Florence it's really hot now and I'm looking forward to arrive there, to sleep with pile blankets, to eat cakes (they have wonderful colored cakes with cream) and to walk, walk, walk all day!
I'll be back from the 26 with photos and news. If you can, stay connected with LAUsNOTEbook facebook page!

Before going to plan my luggage, I leave you some funny holidays tips from MyLittleParis. It's written in French but if you can't read it, Kanako sketches are worthing the surfing!
Here you can find some E-Cards and here you can read some funny suggestions for your messages!
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Bonnes Vacances!   Buone Vacanze!   Happy Holidays!

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