Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Days in Brixen | Details

Between the things I love more in Brixen:
- Rivers: Brixen lies at the confluence of two rivers - the Isarco / Eisack and the Rienza / Rienz. Waters are clear like silver crystal. The window of my room was facing the Isarco and I was waking up at the energising sound of water every morning. I miss it!
- Bikes: the territory offers a lot of facilitation for cyclists and I must say that they are really respectful also outside of their ways. The two things may be linked or maybe not....
- Green and flowers: the climate is ideal for plants and Tyroleans have style decorating their outdoors.
- Hugo: that's the name of the local aperitif invented by Roland Gruber in 2005.

These are the ingredients to mix to serve two glasses:
4 cl elderflower syrup
2 lime cutted in slices and pressed
4 mint leaves
300 ml of Prosecco
2 cl sparkling water
Add as many ice cubes as desired and serve the aperitif in two wine glasses.

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