Monday, October 14, 2013

Cruciani, Italian macramé lace bracelets

The four-leaf clover bracelet was an idea of Luca Caprai and was designed to communicate Cruciani to a young and increasingly well informed and demanding public.  Lace may seem distant from modern day tastes but it in fact encapsulates many elements of our culture and traditions.

The Cruciani four-leaf clover bracelet phenomenon exploded in August 2011, when there were endless queues at the Cruciani boutique in Forte dei Marmi, day and night, to get the summer bracelet in one or more colours. This boom rapidly spread throughout the whole of Italy and beyond.
At the Vogue Fashion Night Out, the bracelets made their official debut in Milan as well, where success was immediately assured by a limited edition of the coveted bracelet specially produced for the Milan Fashion Week.

Reflecting the heritage and experience of Arnaldo Caprai’s lace company, so proudly treasured by Cruciani, these bracelets encapsulate the values and craftsmanship of “made in Cruciani”.

The crochet bracelets are made of macramé lace produced by Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile and therefore 100% made-in-Italy.
Each bracelet has seven macramé lace four leaf clovers flanked by the letter C. And each bracelet is sold with a Cruciani guarantee certificate, which also carries a thoughtful message of good wishes.

The line now includes the famous “four-leaf clover” , the “butterfly”, the “love and luck”,  the new “hearts”, the “Ponte Milvio”, the “dragons”, the “Mars”, and special charity editions.

Mine is blue avion

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