Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine 2014 - DIY and some unconventional ideas

01: Valentines day cocktails list from Bri | 02: Taylor Tomasi Hill fashion-week outfit (she only can look perfect with everything but let's take inspiration from the unconventional side) | 03: Made by Pien (another kind of unconventional that I totally agree with) | 04: Mine/Yours free printables soap wrapper | 05: DIY wooden polaroids gift set | 06-07: Valentine’s Day themed table.

More? Read "What It’s Like Being Single On Valentine’s Day" from BuzzFeed Community or organize a "A Valentine’s Day Friendship Brunch" as suggested from Glitter Guide. You know what? The craziest Valentine days were the ones when I was single and I thought I was so, so sad. It's so funny remembering. And You? what are your feeling about Valentine Day, do you celebrate it, or not?

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