Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel | Links List

Have you seen Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel? I finally did and I was enchanted as millions of people before me. I'm also charmed by all the visuals projects realized around this movie, if you don't know them yet, take the time to visit at least the Akademie Zubrowka or to listen to Alexandre Desplat's soundtrack.

Here is the list:
Official links:
http://www.akademiezubrowka.com/  (wait, wait and wait...something will happen)

The story is freely inspired by Stefan Zweig’s memoir “The World of Yesterday,” an autobiography that he wrote in exile in the early forties, soon before his suicide. More on The New Yorker.

Alexandre Desplat composed the soundtrack. More on ABKCO Records. Listen to it on Spotify.

Courtesan au Chocolat:
Learn to make your own Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat from here.

L'Air de Panache has been really bottled by Nose (limited edition).

Mendl’s packaging:
Free printables - pdf - Mendl's cards and boxes from Make my Lemonade.

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