Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Onefortythree | handmade design

"Onefortythree started out as a blog about a house my wife and I are finishing - in southern Nevada -(our address number is "143"). Once we moved in, we needed furniture and lighting. So, I started making my own. I then began making things for my friends and family and have since started selling my pieces online. Everything you see here is designed and made, one at a time, by me.
I'm constantly making new things and improving old ones so my inventory is always changing and growing. My dad taught me how to build cabinets and got me into woodworking when I was very young. In my opinion, he is the best cabinet maker out there. Everything else; welding, upholstery, plywood molding, etc - I learned on my own by trial and error." Logan Hendrickson
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UP: photo and styling by Wing of Canary Grey

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