Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIY | Easy Bag Organizer

I made this bag-organizer for my shopping bag, and I can swear it's a really easy project. The most important thing is the material you choose, it really makes the difference. I bought a felt sheet (30x45 cm x 3 mm, 550 g/m2) that is hard enough to hold
things and keep the original form but soft enough to be sewed. Than I inserted four Chinese chopsticks to add resistance.

So you'll need:
- Felt sheet - 30x45 cm x3 mm 550 g/m2 - 11,8x17,7x0,12 inches (mine is from Efco) (I'm not sponsored)
- Four Chinese chopsticks
- Needle and sewing thread (I prefer a contrasting color)
- Ruler
- Cutter
- Scissor

You can choose a different size to better suite your bag. My bag-organizer is perfect for my shopping bag and a little small for most common shoppers (pics at the end) but functional the same.

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