Thursday, April 9, 2015

Made By Hand | Danish Lighting Design

Made By Hand is a Danish design brand with a passion for craftsmanship and timeless refined products shaped by Danish heritage blended with new modern interpretations of design with a straightforward function.
All Made By Hand design products are manufactured by local craftspeople – in Denmark and abroad.
"The creative origin of Made By Hand is exemplified by the classical original Danish workshop lamp from the 1950s designed by A. Wedel-Madsen. In style, expression and function, the workshop lamp unites modern and contemporary design values. In the 1950s, “the workshop lamp” was used to provide the necessary light for craftspeople in the workshop, - passionate and very proud of their deep understanding of materials, techniques, and utmost attention to detail."
In the photos, Workshop and Porcelight Collections.

"We are led by a commitment to authenticity in design and every single Made By Hand product should be useful, and function well, in high quality materials shaped with details which are purposeful. Materials are chosen meticulously , and the details in our design is choosen to create a refinement and pleasure in everyday life."

"We want to make products that creates a better everyday experience in which human beings with family and friends share their thoughts, dreams and daily life experiences.
The Made By Hand Project is all about bringing products to life that makes you feel at home in a comfortable and aesthetic way .
To us great design supports human life, and we want to explore a human take on design creating products by hand."

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