Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Swedish Design Goes Milan | A pause in the Swedish office

Swedish Design Goes Milan presented the modern workplace from a Swedish perspective: a live-work space that is both home-like and deeply productive.
"The focus is on durability, ergonomics, technology, innovation and the importance of relaxation and rejuvenation. There’s been a shift in how we work and live. Technology allows us to work from anywhere, yet we need to make room for relaxation and recreation."
The space in Milan was curated by Nyström Persia Design Studio.

UP - Ready-made, SAC lamp, From The Block table designed by NyströmPersia | Gemla,
Collage chair | Made and Merged, Dandy Wooden stool by Studio Baag | Sca Tork, tableware | BAUX, Acoustic Wood Wool - wall of trees - designed by Form Us With Love.

UP - Offect, Carry On designed by  Mattias Stenberg | Ready-made, From The Block table designed by NyströmPersia

UP - 01: Lintex, Zon Office Screen. A flexible screen that can be placed standing on the floor or suspended from the ceiling as curtains to screen off spaces | 02: Ateljé Lyktan, Hood, both light source and sound barrier, designed by Form Us With Love | 03: Lintex, M3 Mobile Flow- 24 Mood colours  | 04: OKKO , Tratti designed by Laura Tuorila is a free-floating sound absorber that is also a sculptural element | 05: Jangir Maddadi Design BureauButler Bin and Flower Pot + Union bench | 06: NUD Collection, Lamp holder Cork | 07: SkultunaLily Candlestick designed by Ivar Ålenius Björk | 08: Bsweden, Cymbal lamps | 09: LK Hjelle (Norway), Braid sofa by Lisa Hilland | 10: A2 , Collect family of cabinet and Bo swivel armchair | 11: Offect, Airberg sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud |12: Glimakra, Sabine collection integrating office furniture, acoustics and space dividers.
See al the exhibitors and read more here.

“Pause - a defined interval of silence. This exhibition focuses on the pause and its relevance to our daily work. You may look at a break as an utter loss of time, when in fact it can be a shortcut to great ideas. A quality assurance. Time may be money, however if you give the tree time to grow it will bear more luscious fruit. The pause allows our subconscious to take over and branch out. Take a break, recharge, press pause”
- Nyström Persia

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