Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mr Cup | Fabien Barral

Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from around the world. In 2008 he joined forces with his wife Frédérique to create “Harmonie intérieure”, a business and brand that pushes poster and wall sticker design beyond the limits we expect from a commercial undertaking. Fabien also runs the “graphic-exchange” blog, a popular online venue for graphic designers. He learnt his trade as an agency art director, working on projects for large corporations. For him, relationships and exchange of ideas are the most important to achieve a project. After years working under his own name, it is now under Mr-Cup pseudonym that he develops his own products : letterpress calendars, coasters and more (see here).
UP:  Graphic Sentences Posters,  Harmonie intérieure and Wall Stickers

Up: Works for Backyard Wine and CAM - Conservatoire André Messager  

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