Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We Trust In Wood collection by Matali Crasset | CROWDY HOUSE

Matali Crasset exclusively launches and premieres the 'We Trust In Wood' collection on platform and marketplace CROWDY HOUSE (prev.). The collection consists of seven contemporary objects produced by local craftsmen of the region ‘La Meuse’ in France. It is a local project with a strong and powerful meaning – to improve and support the rural art center ‘Vent des ForĂȘts’ - showcasing a new way of living in a rural area. The entire process of the collection is centered on the same region in France, from inspiration to production to sales.
The 'We Trust In Wood' collection on CROWDY HOUSE is a collaboration between Matali Crasset and Philippe Huet, a local craftsman of the region ‘La Meuse’. The durable designs reveal the unique aspect of the strong ash and sycamore trees of the surrounding area.

In collaboration with 'Vent des ForĂȘts', Crasset designed tree forest houses to represent the simple life and evoke life in the wilderness of the rural France. The collection ‘We Trust In Wood’ is inspired by the rustic interior of these houses.

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