Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jarrod Lim 2011 - Singapore

Idle Rocking Chair
From Jarrod's wsite:
Inactivity is a luxury we should permit ourselves more often." - Samuel Johnson.

The designer presented in Milano his new creations - you can see the whole production here -.
Devoted to solid wood, Lim creates pieces that will last over years!

Interlock Coatstand
'This interesting coatstand in solid wood uses a simple system of interlocking three flat pieces to form a stable structure to hang your hat or coat.'

Kikari Table
'These simple yet distinctive triangular tables can be used individually or in clusters creating beautiful random patterns. Their cropped triangular shape allows them to join in various ways that can really add character to a room setting. Materials: Steel Frame with Plywood and Veneer top'

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