Thursday, December 15, 2011

Addicted to pop bubbles?

Designed and made in Brooklyn, USA, the bubble calendar is a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop everyday, irresistable:-)

The bubble calendar has days of the week and all major holidays marked and weekends bolded for easy reference.
The calendars are printed on thick paper and set in Helvetica Neue.
Now, can you avoid looking for an excuse to pop more bubbles or maybe resist from pop the whole year the first day?
They are shipped via the Postal Service everywhere in the world; the paper-backed version retails at $20.11 and is available at

Ideato e realizzato a Brooklyn, USA, il calendario bolle รจ un calendario formato poster con una bolla d'aria da far scoppiare per ogni giorno dell'anno, irresistibile:-)
Stampato in Helvetica Neue, con i giorni festivi evidenziati.
Riuscirete a non fare scoppiare tutte le bolle in un giorno solo?
E' consegnato per posta in tutto il mondo al prezzo base di 20.11 dollari americani e ordinabile qui:

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