Friday, August 17, 2012

New life for wooden barriques: Giuseppe Leida – Tino cavallino

"The design of Tino cavallino - by Giuseppe Leida - was inspired by carefree childhood life, cradled by play and upbringing; a stylized horse for a child of two or three years of age, easy to produce and made using reused elements such as the staves of the barriques. The arched shape of the oak staves and their colour reddened by the wine in the concave side themselves contain the very essence of movement and life.Tino will be a friend to some lucky children and the pride of adults who know that, while making it they will recover themselves, as well as the casks. Being at SanPa is like being reborn, growing up, getting to know oneself and becoming playful again."

Through ancient trades, young people find a new life and used wood is recycled into a work of art. The barrique recycling project is the result of a partnership between San Patrignano, Maurizio and Davide Riva, and the support of Federvini, FederlegnoArredo and Cosmit, drawing on an impressive list of thirty world renowned designers which created unique pieces using French oak casks from the Community’s winery.

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