Friday, September 21, 2012

Serendipity Paris - E-shopping ideas

Serendipity  is a 200m2 shopping space created in 2004 in Paris and dedicated to children under and over 18th. The boutique offers a collection of unique pieces, limited edition objects and exclusive creations from around the world.
For those who can't visit it in Paris, Serendipity has finally launched its E-shop. In this post, I show you a small selection but you can see all the other items here.

UP: Xboy hard drive bank - Xoopar Boy Bank is a personal hard drive we show, share or not (password to access to datas).  Hard drive with USB 2.0 - 500 Go - Plug'n play H 20 cm. Limited edition, only in white.

Storage tank - This holding tank with tips that can be stacked up has practical handles and can store almost anything. It comes from the industrial universe, is tough and multifunctional. It has been carefully thought out. Its weight capacity is written on the side.
Metal with lacquered epoxy finish. Available in different colors or chalk lacquered
W 30 x D 40 x H 20 cm

Plug truck adaptor cover - power sockets are mostly ugly but ubiquitous. Plug truck collects the standard three-way-socket.  Designed by Jörg Gätjens for children after 18th.
Retro fashion mirror with chain. This simple and beautiful mirror will suit both contemporary and classic style bathrooms. W 57 x H 39 cm (+16 cm chain). Available also in other models (es. three parts).
'Aéro' wardrobe - This wardrobe is inspired from the 30's fridge design. It hosts more re-positionable shelves and a cloth rod. I'd like it for an entry space. The wardrobe is entirely covered with a spitfire material made of aluminium panels assembled with rivets inspired from the famous plane 'Spitfire jet fighter'. The locker system is a perfect replica of this time standards.
H 184 x D 52 x W 72 cm.

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